{"time":1574757338549,"blocks":[{"type":"accent","data":{"style":"style2","text":"The modern world offers a large number of opportunities to everyone. But often, they are associated with excitement, such as online casinos. A much better option is cryptocurrency trading on the IQ Option platform. "}},{"type":"header","data":{"text":" This approach has many advantages:","level":2}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Ability to trade at any convenient time 24/7;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Lack of additional bank commission;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Short expiration periods which allow you to earn a big amount of money in a short time;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        High volatility;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Low-risk level (when compared to  other financial market instruments)."]}},{"type":"header","data":{"text":" Cryptocurrencies available on IQ Option","level":2}},{"type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"IQ Option was founded in 2013 by IQ Option Europe LTD. The company quickly became popular due to the presence of an international license, a large list of trading tools and a low limit for a deposit ($10). Today the platform belongs to the leaders of the segment and is trying to offer new opportunities. "}},{"type":"header","data":{"text":" Since 2016, the company allows users to trade crypto: ","level":3}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Bitcoin. The abbreviation is BTC, and the currency uses the SHA-256 hash-function. The price of one coin is $7500-8000;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Ethereum. It uses the hash function KECCAK-256. At the moment, the cost of one ETH is $170-180;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Tron. Today, the capitalization is $5 billion, and the price of one TRX coin is $0.04-0.05;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Binance Coin. The total capitalization of BNB is $2.8 billion. The current exchange rate is $18.27=1BNB;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Bitcoin SV. This is another popular option for cryptocurrency trading at IQ Option. It uses the hash-function ASIC S9. Capitalization is $1.8 billion dollars, and the market value is 1 BSV=$85-95;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Litecoin. Today's exchange rate is 50-55$/1LTC, and the total capitalization is 2.5$ billion;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Bitcoin Cash. A popular option for cryptocurrency trading. It uses the SHA-256 hash. The market capitalization is $12 billion, and the cost of one BCH is $200-210;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Miota. It uses the SHA-3 hash protocol. The value of one coin is $0.26, and the market capitalization is $755,000,000;"]}},{"type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["        Stellar. One of the most affordable options that appeared in 2015. Today, the cost of 1XLM is $0.05-0.07."]}},{"type":"header","data":{"text":" How to trade crypto on IQ Option with leverage","level":2}},{"type":"accent","data":{"style":"style2","text":"To start the path to success, you need to visit the official website of the cryptocurrency trading platform IQ Option and go through the registration procedure. After registration, you will get the opportunity to trade crypto and gain access to additional functions."}},{"type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Leverage is the proportion that allows you to make deals with a high cost, even with a small deposit. For example, if the account has $100, then with leverage of 1:100, a trader can close a deal for $10,000. The money will be allocated by the IQ option exchange. This allows you to earn big money even by making a small deposit."}},{"type":"header","data":{"text":" Cryptocurrency Trading FAQ","level":2}},{"type":"paragraph","data":{"text":"Before start doing any business, you need to learn as much as possible about all the nuances. The answers to frequently asked questions will help you to understand how the system works, so you can avoid the basic mistakes of a beginner and start making big money quickly."}},{"type":"faq","data":{"items":[{"header":" Is cryptocurrency legal?","text":"It depends on which country the IQ Option client is located in. Cryptocurrency trading on Bitcoin is completely legal in Australia, North America, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and European countries. Countries such as China, Korea, Kazakhstan, and India have some restrictions on the use of currency. All this is regulated by local law. Bitcoin trading in Russia is regulated by old laws, therefore it is not prohibited, but it also has restrictions."},{"header":" What is the difference between Cryptocurrency and virtual currency?","text":"Digital currency is the basic term for any money available only in a virtual (electronic) form. They don’t have any paper notes or metallic coins and differ in other ways too.
Virtual currencies are managed and controlled by private issuers and used to make payments.
Cryptocurrencies are also digital currencies. The difference from virtual currencies is that special encryption algorithms were used to create cryptocurrency."},{"header":" What is the best cryptocurrency broker?","text":"If a user decides to make money every day trading cryptocurrency, he should choose the most reliable and convenient broker offering the best working conditions. 
  The most experienced exchange - Forex; 
  The best list of money pairs - CoinBase; 
  The maximum number of tools and indicators for work - Capfolio; 
  Low Min. Deposit - RobinHood; 
  Best leverage - Nord FX, A-Markets (1: 1000); 
  Professional support service - Plus 500."},{"header":" What is crypto trade?","text":"Cryptocurrency trading is similar to regular exchange trading. The main principle - buy cheaper, then sell for more expensive rates. The user must select the appropriate virtual currency and predict what the rate of crypto will be after a given period. If the forecast is correct, the client makes a profit. In the case of an incorrect forecast, it incurs losses, so it is necessary to take all factors and risks into account when trading."},{"header":" Where can I trade cryptocurrency?","text":" Choosing the right platform will help make trading with cryptocurrencies effective: 
•  Bitmex. A popular broker with a good minimum deposit and excellent leverage; 
  BYbit. New platform offering a large set of cryptocurrencies and convenient ways to withdraw; 
  A-Markets. Nice site, minimal commission, and initial deposit. A large number of tools for the user; 
  Nord FX. Great for everyday day trading of cryptocurrency. Rich experience, an excellent reputation, and user-friendly interface;"},{"header":" How do I start crypto trading?","text":" You can start to trade crypto at any time. 
1.  Analyze the platform and choose the best option;   
2. \tGo through the registration process and create an account;  
3.  Replenish the deposit; 
4.  Select the desired currency; 
5.  Make a forecast based on the analysis of information, signals, and indicators."},{"header":" How can I trade cryptocurrency?","text":"After registering on the exchange, you will need to replenish the deposit, make a forecast about the exchange rate for a certain period and indicate the amount of the transaction. A thorough analysis of signals and indicators and video tutorials from professional brokers will help you trade cryptocurrency with maximum benefit."},{"header":" What is day trading cryptocurrency?","text":"The main difference between day trading cryptocurrency and regular trading is a short expiration time. This allows buying or selling the selected asset quickly and with a higher benefit. If the trader’s forecast is correct, profits can reach large values. For example, day trading Bitcoin is up to 95%. A few successful deals can significantly improve a user's bank."},{"header":" What is the best cryptocurrency to day trade?","text":" Almost every asset is suitable for day trading cryptocurrency: 
   Etherium. A currency, which is a great alternative to Bitcoin. It has a high capitalization and is widespread in the world;  
•  Miota. Depreciation rarely occurs, so a trader can predict the course and make a profit with a high probability;  
  Ethereum Classic. It is the least volatile out of all altcoins mentioned above.  
  Tron. Low cost allows you to make transactions with a large number of coins, and a constant increase in the rate enables you to close transactions with maximum profit."},{"header":" How do you buy and sell Cryptocurrency?","text":"To trade crypto you must have some currency, for example, Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are purchased through a blockchain-wallet or in a user's account on the exchange. The client logs into the account and selects the item “buy Bitcoin” (Etherium, Stellar, Tron, etc.), then indicates the exchange method. After successful trading on the exchange, the user can similarly purchase Bitcoin. All operations are carried out in your account, and the trader will receive the cash equivalent of the crypto in the selected currency."},{"header":" Where can I trade Crypto with leverage?","text":"Each cryptocurrency trading platform has its key features. These include leverage, which allows a trader to make transactions for a large amount by investing only part of the money.
Different companies offer different conditions:
Platform          Leverage   
Bitmex            1:100  
Binance          1:3 
Currency        1:20
Bybit                1:100 
PrimeXBT       1:100
FinmaxFX       1:10 
NordFX            1:1000 
WelTrade        1:20 
RoboForex     1:20 
A-Markets       1:1000"},{"header":" Where is the margin trade crypto?","text":"Margin trading is a high-risk deal with a large profit, so it is suitable for experienced users.  
Here is a list of the best crypto margin trading exchanges: 
  Derbit. Offers excellent leverage and the ability to trade 24/7; 
  Binance. An experienced cryptocurrency trading platform with an excellent reputation and a wide range of tools; 
 Bitmex. A quality trading service that allows you to earn via the trading of all popular currencies."},{"header":" How does cryptocurrency trading work?","text":"Trading on cryptocurrency has a similar principle as when you buy CFDs. A registered user selects a suitable virtual asset on the exchange, analyzes the situation and makes a forecast (the rate will increase or decrease by the time of expiration). If the forecast is correct, it can bring big profits. In case of an error, the money remains on the exchange. Cryptocurrency trading can be profitable, but only in the case of the correct approach to each transaction."},{"header":" What are crypto trading pairs?","text":"This term means that the user selects two cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The principle of cryptocurrency trading pairs is similar to standard currencies. Exchanges offer the most common options and their combinations. The expiration time is from 1 minute to a week, depending on the choice and the specific exchange."},{"header":" How do crypto trading pairs work?","text":"So, the client decided to trade cryptocurrency. He selects a suitable pair, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum, analyzes the factors and determines the forecast (put on increasing the Bitcoin exchange rate). Now, if the BTC cryptocurrency rate has grown by 10%, and ETH has remained the same, its purchasing power has increased. Accordingly, the client made a profit from trading. Conversely, if the rate has fallen, it incurs losses. But with the right choice of trading pairs and qualitative analysis of information and indicators, cryptocurrency can bring a lot of money."},{"header":" Can you buy and sell Cryptocurrency the same day?","text":"Another advantage of pushing you to trade cryptocurrency is that you can buy and sell Bitcoin on the same day. Due to the constant fluctuations in the exchange rate and the absence of long periods of expiration, you can make a profit on the same day. Therefore, you can buy or purchase Bitcoin at any time as soon as the need arises."},{"header":" Does the crypto market ever close?","text":"The correct answer is no, the market never closes. Therefore, you can exchange cryptocurrency and make a forecast on raising and lowering the exchange rate or currency pairs 24/7. However, sometimes the market may carry out maintenance or technical work. Trading cryptocurrency is the most convenient way available on the exchange."},{"header":" Can you trade cryptocurrency on weekends?","text":"Standard exchanges close for the weekend, but if you decide to do cryptocurrency trading, this is not a problem. You can start trading any day, including weekends. We even advise you to start trading on cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, stocks, pairs, CFDs and other assets on these days because this is most profitable."},{"header":" Is crypto trading profitable?","text":"Trading on cryptocurrencies can bring big profits. For example, during the year, Bitcoin changed the course tens thousands of times, and this allowed many traders to earn money by buying or selling currency in the market. But this is a high-risk investment, and only an experienced user who can analyze the situation and read signals can remain successful at a distance."},{"header":" Is trading crypto profitable?","text":"Yes, crypto trading is profitable. Due to constant fluctuations in the exchange rate and the ability to make short-term contacts, the income from transactions can reach 300 percent. Due to this, the profits from crypto trading profitable are very high. But this is not as easy as it may seem - you need to constantly monitor the situation, analyze many factors and close deals in time."},{"header":" Is crypto trading still profitable?","text":"Every day new digital currencies appear, so trading on crypto is still profitable. The main thing is to choose the correct cryptocurrency exchange like IQ Option. Having exchanged currency in the market, you can choose the appropriate option offered by the platform and conclude a deal. With a competent approach, including an analysis of all factors, a professional trader can consistently receive high profits from trading on cryptocurrencies."},{"header":" Can you make a living day trading Cryptocurrency?","text":"If you are interested in whether you can successfully implement day trading cryptocurrency, we will answer yes. Many professional traders make money on platforms over time. It is important to choose a reliable platform, register, fund your account and start day trading. With the correct analysis of information and signals, you can get big profits from each transaction."},{"header":" How do you become a successful crypto trader?","text":" Several basic rules help a trader to be successful. 
  Always analyze the risks for each transaction; 
  Stay focused and demanding; 
•  Distribute the bank correctly. One transaction should be no more than 5% of the total amount;  
  Constantly receive new information that will help to trade more professionally and efficiently;
  Conclude your own mistakes;
  Set intermediate goals: profits from trading for a week, a month, etc."},{"header":" How does Cryptocurrency trading make money?","text":"Cryptocurrency trading can make money fast. You need to register on a reliable exchange. After that, you will need to buy digital currency and analyze the information. Now you can trade cryptocurrencies by buying it at a cheaper price and selling at a more expensive one. Many professional traders are successful and earn big money thanks to the constant changes in the exchange rate. Choose your cryptocurrency and become successful too."},{"header":" How do you make money buying and selling cryptocurrency?","text":" Trading on cryptocurrencies allows you to make money. 
1.  Register on a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform; 
2.  Buy bitcoin; 
3.  Choose a suitable asset; 
4.  Invest; 
5.  Close the deal and sell cryptocurrency with a profit. 
By repeating the operation (buying and selling currency), you can successfully play on the difference in exchange rates, currency pairs, and other assets."},{"header":" Can you trade crypto on Forex?","text":"It depends on the country of residence of the client. Crypto trading is available for residents of Germany and some European countries. Before the adoption of the relevant laws, users could not buy digital currency and trade on the difference in rates. US residents are not able to use crypto trading option."},{"header":" Is Forex and Crypto the same?","text":"No, Forex is the exchange offering cryptocurrency trading. The user can choose any asset (CFD, stocks, currency pairs). Crypto trading is just one of a wide range of options offered by Forex."},{"header":" What is crypto Forex trading?","text":"Crypto trading is similar to standard trading with currency pairs. The principle of operation is the same as that of an ordinary exchange. IQ Option allows not only trading but also buying, selling or exchanging cryptocurrency at a favorable rate."},{"header":" Can you trade crypto on mt4?","text":"MT4 trading platform offers you eight types of popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Monero, Neo, Ripple or Dash. You can choose the appropriate crypto and start trading. If you do not know how to profit from crypto, the site has a section with useful materials."},{"header":" What is the cryptocurrency trading platform?","text":"This is a special trading platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency, choose currency pairs, play on the difference in the exchange rate, or buy or exchange virtual money at a favorable rate. It is enough to choose a reliable company, register and start trade crypto."},{"header":" What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?","text":" Several reliable and convenient platforms allow you to trade cryptocurrency. 
•  BitMex; 
•  Bybit; 
You can choose the best cryptocurrency exchange and start your profitable trading."},{"header":" What is the best cryptocurrency trading app?","text":"Market leaders offer a convenient mobile app that allows you to trade crypto anywhere with an Internet connection.  
The best cryptocurrency trading apps are adapted for iOS and Android and have a wide range of advantages. 
  Binance (370 currency pairs);  
  Coinbase (good optimization);  
  KuCoin (nice design and usability);  
  Changelly (140 cryptocurrency pairs);  
  Coinigy (reliable service, available 24/7)."},{"header":" What app can I use to buy Cryptocurrency?","text":" The best conditions for the purchase of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are offered by companies with mobile applications: 
  Coinbase - a convenient and reliable application;  
  CryptoTrax - free to use and high quality; 
  EnjinWallet - excellent exchange rate and good optimization;  
•  BitWorth - high-quality functionality;  
  Xapo - users take it thanks to the reliable protection of information and passwords."},{"header":" What is the best app to buy and sell cryptocurrency?","text":"Different companies may offer different cryptocurrency exchange rates.   
You need to choose the best app that allows buy and sell cryptocurrencies. 
  Coinbase - good app for exchange with a good reputation; 
  CEX - widely distributed around the world;  
  LibertyX - a good exchange rate; 
  CryptoExMarket - excellent optimized for iOS and Android."},{"header":" Does IQ Option accept Bitcoin?","text":"The great news is that IQ Option offers users earning on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Now you can open an account, purchase BTC, XLM, etc. The service allows you to replenish the deposit and withdraw money in Bitcoins to the blockchain. A large set of tools for trading currency pairs makes the business convenient."},{"header":" How do I deposit Bitcoin in IQ Option?","text":"The option is available for all registered users of the IQ Option platform.  
To transfer Bitcoin on deposit, you need to: 
1.  Visit the official website; 
2.  Pass the registration; 
3.  Click on the “Deposit” button located in the account menu; 
4.  \tIndicate the amount of replenishment; 
5.  Confirm. Funds will be credited to the deposit."},{"header":" Can I buy Bitcoin on IQ Option?","text":"The answer is yes, you can buy Bitcoin on the IQ Option. This function is available in the user’s account. The company offers several options for cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Miota, etc. Buying currency at a lower rate and selling at a higher rate can bring profits to a trader."},{"header":" How can I trade Bitcoin in IQ Option?","text":"IQ Option offers several options for making money with cryptocurrency.   
You can trade in the following ways: 
  Playing around with raising or lowering the course (buy cheaper, sell expensive); 
  CFD - contracts for difference; 
  Digital options - an option with lower income, but low risk."},{"header":" Can I withdraw Bitcoin from IQ Option?","text":" You can withdraw your profit from trading binary options in IQ Option on withdrawal: 
1.  Going to the IQ Option’s user account; 
2.  Choosing a withdrawing method (companies can't withdraw money to a card in some countries) 
3.  Indicating the amount; 
4.  Confirming your selection. Payment will occur immediately."}]}}],"version":"2.15.0"}
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